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Job titleAssistant Professor
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Educational background summary
School nameCountryDepartmentDegreeStarting date
Accademia di belle Arti di Brera di MilanoItalybelle Arti / PitturaMaster1991-10 ~ 1995-06
Chinese Culture UniversityTaiwanFine ArtBachelor1979-09 ~ 1983-06
Service organization/unitJob titleDepartmentResponsbilitiesStarting date
Taipei Fine Arts MuseumCuratorExhibition Department 2003-06 ~
Council for Cultural Affairs, TaiwanA. ResearcherTaiwan International Artists’ Village , Planning Office  1998-04 ~
Selected book overview
Entry YearSelected book categoryDate of publicationSelect book titleAuthor
108(個人專書)2018/11/00Lee Tsai-chien,Artist Magazine ,Taipei,9789860567151,2018/11LIU YUNG-JEN
108(個人畫冊)2018/04/00Liú Yung-jen,Liú Yung-jen Solo Exhibition→ Deep Breathing Field ,Powen Gallery,Taipei,9789869055932,2018/04LIU YUNG-JEN
107(個人專書)2017/11/00Ho Kan,Artist Magazine,Taipei,9789860532135,2017/11LIU YUNG-JEN
106(個人畫冊)2017/01/00Liu' Yung-jen,Liu' Yung-jen:Infinite Crystallization,Main Trend Gallery,Taipei,986-89948-3-6,2017/01LIU YUNG-JEN
104(個人畫冊)2015/01/10 LiúYung-Jen Solo Exhibition→since1991~present,Da Xiang Art Space,9789869103428,2015/01LIU YUNG-JEN
103(個人專書)2014/03/00The Locus of Breathing - Between Art and Curating,Artist Publishing Co.,978-986-282-122-0,2014/03LIU YUNG-JEN
102(個人畫冊)2013/10/00LIÚ YUNG-JEN:The Alchemy of Breathing,978-986-89985-0-6,2013/10LIU YUNG-JEN
99(個人畫冊)2010/03/00Between the Deep Breaths of an Artist,Creativity Art Center, Vanung University,2010/03LIU YUNG-JEN
96(個人畫冊)2007/10/00LIÚ YUNG-JEN→ A Journey of Deep Breathing,978-957-8720-23-7,2007/10LIU YUNG-JEN
93(個人專書)2004/01/00Taiwan Modern Arts series : Abstract Component,Artist Publisher,957-01-8533-3,2004/01LIU YUNG-JEN
92(個人專書)2003/04/00Lucio Fontana : Concetto Spaziale, Artist Publisher,986-7957-55-5,2003/04LIU YUNG-JEN
90(個人專書)2001/06/002001/06LIU YUNG-JEN
88(個人專書)1999/10/00Raphael,Artist Publisher,1999/10LIU YUNG-JEN
88(個人畫冊)1999/07/00LIÚ YUNG-JEN→Walled Mind,957-8899-17-3,1999/07LIU YUNG-JEN
87(個人專書)1998/04/00The Style of Italian Furniture,Artist Publisher ,957-9530-93-9,1998/04LIU YUNG-JEN
86(個人專書)1997/11/00The Panorama of Public Art in Milano,Artist Publisher ,957-9530-63-7,1997/11LIU YUNG-JEN
86(個人畫冊)1997/10/00LIÚ YUNG-JEN→Profondità del Respiro,1997/10LIU YUNG-JEN
85(個人畫冊)1996/08/00LIÚ YUNG-JEN→Profound Multiplied by Respiration,1996/08LIU YUNG-JEN
Participated event service summary
CategoryEvent titleTopicParticipant
(展覽)Liú Yung-jen Solo Exhibition→ Deep Breathing FieldPowen Gallery, TaipeiLIU YUNG-JEN
(展覽)Liú Yung-jen →Infinite CrystallizationMain Trend Gallery,TaipeiLIU YUNG-JEN
(展覽) Nature and NurtureDa Xiang art space, Taichung, TaiwanLIU YUNG-JEN
(展覽) Abstract Arc—LiúYung-Jen solo exhibitionPYO Gallery Beijing798, ChinaLIU YUNG-JEN
(展覽)LiúYung-Jen solo exhibition:Since 1991~PresentDa Xiang Art Space, Taichung, TaiwanLIU YUNG-JEN
(展覽)A Moment of Eternity- the Possibility in Abstract PaintingsGALERIE PIERRE, Taichung TaiwanLIU YUNG-JEN
(展覽)Modern paintings in TaiwanArki GaleriaLIU YUNG-JEN
(展覽)The Alchemy of BreathingMoon 12 Art, Taipei, TaiwanLIU YUNG-JEN
(展覽)Return to the Essence' Survey of Contemporary AbstractRed Gold Fine Art Gallery, TaipeiLIU YUNG-JEN
(展覽)Breathing ImprintMOT/ ARTS , Taipei, TaiwanLIU YUNG-JEN
(展覽)Breathing OsmosisNational Hsinchu University of Education ART SPACE, HsinChu, TaiwanLIU YUNG-JEN
(展覽)Signifying Infinity –The Power of Contemporary SymbolsDa Xiang art space , Taichung, TaiwanLIU YUNG-JEN
(展覽)Between the Deep Breaths of an ArtistCreativity Art Center, Vanung UniversityLIU YUNG-JEN
(展覽)Between the Deep Breaths of an ArtistNational Formosa University Art CenterLIU YUNG-JEN
(展覽)Between the Deep Breaths of an ArtistArt Center of National Yunlin University of Science and TechnologyLIU YUNG-JEN
(展覽)Dwelling Abroad - Dwelling on HomeStar Crystal Gallery, TaipeiLIU YUNG-JEN
(展覽)第一接觸—台北、昆明、香港當代藝術聯展99 Art space, Yunan,ChinaLIU YUNG-JEN
(展覽)Contemporary Value - A Processing HistoryEver Harvest Art Gallery, Taipei, TaiwanLIU YUNG-JEN
(展覽)Au Non-LieuMOT/ARTS,Taipei, Taiwan LIU YUNG-JEN
(展覽)A Journey of Deep BreathingNan Gallery, Taipei, TaiwanLIU YUNG-JEN
(展覽)Kuandu Extravaganza: Exhibition of Modern Art in TaiwanKuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, TaiwanLIU YUNG-JEN
(展覽)LIÚ YUNG-JEN Solo ExhibitionKe-Yuan Gallery, Chinsui, Taichung ,TaiwanLIU YUNG-JEN
(展覽)LIÚ YUNG-JEN Solo ExhibitionNational Tsing Hua University Arts Center, HsinChu, TaiwanLIU YUNG-JEN
(展覽)LIÚ YUNG-JEN Solo ExhibitionDimensions Art Center, Taipei , TaiwanLIU YUNG-JEN
(展覽)LIÚ YUNG-JEN Solo ExhibitionStudio Laser, Milano, ItalyLIU YUNG-JEN
(展覽)Profound Multiplied by RespirationDimension Endowment of Art, Taipei, TaiwanLIU YUNG-JEN
(展覽)LIÚ YUNG-JEN Solo Exhibition Studio / Gallery 173 Semaphore, Adelaide, AustraliaLIU YUNG-JEN
(展覽)LIÚ YUNG-JEN Solo Exhibition Roma & Arte, Roma, ItalyLIU YUNG-JEN
(展覽)LIÚ YUNG-JEN Solo ExhibitionGalleria d’arte dei Tribunali, Bologna, ItalyLIU YUNG-JEN
(展覽)LIÚ YUNG-JEN Solo ExhibitionGalleria Circolo Degli Artisti, Albissola, ItalyLIU YUNG-JEN
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