Tuition Intention


Courses of the Department of Arts are planned and designed to put eastern and western arts into practice and supported with theory education to cultivate the thoughts and creative thinking of students. These courses fall into the practical category (sketch, painting, ink-wash, sculpture, image, installation art, physical/performing arts, Art/new media), and theory category (art history, plastic art theory, and fine arts theory). In recent years, personal studio and master workshop schemes have been implemented to progressively equip students with the abilities to capture the trend of times, extend the horizon of expression, and start research in new fields through various teaching methods and elective courses.


As students must hold a graduation exhibition to meet the exhibition needs in their future art career and respond to the incessant change in the forms of art presentation, related exhibition planning practice, keynote speeches, and new media courses are planned and designed to enrich the creation and presentation needs of students and cultivate professionals with practical experience.

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