Curriculum Information


Riki / 課程資訊(英文版)

Course of Bachelor-

Mandatory Courses / (Credit Points)

Interdisciplinary and Multimedia arts(4)

Theory and Practice of Painting Seminar(4)

History of Chinese Art(4)

History of Western Art(4)

Basic Study of Oil Painting(4)

Basic Drawings(4)

Art History of Taiwan(4)

Advanced Oil Painting(4)

Advanced Study of Drawing(4)

History of Modern Art(4)

Mixed Media(4)


Study of Drawing(4)

Introduction: Contemporary Art(4)

Elective Courses/ (Credit Points)

Water Color(8)

Basic Study of Ink Painting(4)

Basic Paintings(8)



Formative Theory(2)

Anatomy of Art(2)

Classical Painting(4)

Basic Prinkmaking(4)

New Media Arts(4)

Study of Painting Material(4)


Advanced Study on Ink Painting(8)

Ideology of Oriental Painting(4)

Advanced Oil Painting(6)

Curatorial Study(6)

Gesture Drawing(4)

Installation Art(4)

Image Aesthetics(4)

Instruction of Digital Art(4)

Advanced Mixed Media(6)

Critical Reading in Arts(4)

Art Studies Methodologies(4)

Art Theory(6)

Art Criticism(4)

Guest Lectures on Art(4)

Theory of Chinese Painting(2)

Public Art(4)

Advanced Interdisciplinary Arts(6)

Independent Study in Printmaking(4)

Proposal for Arts(8)

Taiwan Folk Art(4)

Video Art(4)

Creation of Painting(6)

Art Administration(4)



Course of Master-

Graduate School of Fine arts

Mandatory Courses / (Credit Points)

Research Methods(3)

Practice and Theory of Plastic Arts(2)

Thesis Exhibition(3)

Elective Courses/ (Credit Points)

New Media Arts(4)

Advanced Mixed Media(4)

Creation of Painting(4)

Art Theory and Criticism(4)

Architecture and Environment(3)

Curatorial Practice(3)

The Language of the New Media(3)

Seminar of Contemporary Art(3)

New Trends in Contemporary Art(3)

Seminar on Taiwan Art(3)

Sound Art and Digital Media(3)

Art Administration and Cultural Policy(3)

Popular Culture and Arts(3)

Body,Action,and Performance Study(3)

Seminar History of Modern Art(3)

Seminar History of Photography(3)

Psychology of Arts(3)

Art Philosophy(3)

Research of Plastic Art History(4)

Installation Art(4)

Interdisciplinary Art(4)

Research in the Theory of Painting(4)

Senior Seminar: Paintings(4)

Public Art(3)

Cultural Study and Globalization(3)

Seminar History Of Western Art(3)

Image Culture(3)

Digital Aesthetics(3)

Social Intervention and Art(3)

Regional Cultural Policy(3)

The Space of Internet(3)

Anthropology of Art(3)



Graduate School of Printmaking

Mandatory Courses / (Credit Points)

rintimaking History(4)

Research Methods(3)

Topic on Eastern and Western Prtintmaking(2)

Elective Courses/ (Credit Points)

Study of Printmaking(6)

Aethetics of Contemporary Printmaking(6)

Multiple Print Creating(6)

Printmaking Materials(3)

Special Topis in Printmaking Education(2)

Operation and Management of Printmaking Workshop(3)

Studies Topic in Printmaking(3)

Papermaking and Book Binding(3)

Independent Study in Printmaking(6)

Idependent study of Contemporary Art(6)

Editorial Papermaking and Book Binding Operations(3)

Creating of Digital Image Processing Opertions(3)

Special Topic in Painting Theory(2)

Printmaking workshop & Contemporary Arts Creating(2)

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